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Our main goal is to Shed Emotional Weight. 

Bodyroll is an empowering dance practice created by performance artist, choreographer, and energetix coach Viva Soudan. 

Low stakes, all fun, Bodyroll is open to anyone who wants to dance! Classes feel like when you were a kid blasting music and dancing around in your bedroom. Except now we get to do it together. <3 

We will learn the fundamentals of a body roll,  and experience isolated vs integrative movements of the body. We will Move As One with repetitive movement patterns, dominate the dance floor, and energize our capacity to give and receive sweat support. 

Part performance, part therapy, part dance party - class will be accompanied by a mixtape of nostalgic hits for an emotive and cathartic experience. 


Dress code : Dancer’s Choice +sneakers 

*Bodyroll is an inclusive and supportive container for people to relish in collective joy. Classes are open level and welcome all bodies and ages.